F.M.I.T.    L.E.A.P.

Florida League of Cities

Law Enforcement Advisory Panel  

Functions of FMITLEAP:

  • Focus on Executive and Operational Leadership, responsible for developing agency philosophy and policy.
  • Provide ongoing two-way feedback between the League and FMITLEAP members.
  • Draw from the cumulative expertise of Executive Leaders to advise and assist the League in better serving them.
  • Prevent risk, reduce losses and when this is not possible, mitigate the effects of risk or loss.
  • Provide a platform for our members to network directly with all other LE members; i.e., Chiefs, Sheriff’s, Directors.
  • Identify best practices, best technology, training, culture and leadership for professional law enforcement duties.
  • Provide consulting, training, tools, and techniques to our 160+ law enforcement members.
  • Quarterly meetings with our 12 appointed District Directors.
  • District meetings within the geographic areas near members in each district attended by their District Directors and the FMITLEAP Panel Director.


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